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Geosense presenting at Geotechnica 2024 with geotechnical monitoring presentation

Leading specialists in geotechnical instrumentation, Geosense, have

announced they will be a key speaker at this year’s Geotechnica event on

how to improve use of structural monitoring instrumentation.

The UK’s premier geotechnical conference and exhibition is being held at the

Warwickshire Event Centre from 3 rd to 4 th July 2024.

As a guest speaker, Geosense will be sharing their insights on how to make the

most from geotechnical instrumentation. In addition, they will also be exhibiting

at the event to showcase their innovative products and connect with industry

peers, professionals and thought-leaders.

“We are thrilled to be speaking at this year’s Geotechnica event with our ‘Six steps to improve your use of instrumentation and monitoring’ presentation. As a geotechnical specialist assisting in major projects across the globe, we’re always eager to share our findings and help our peers gather valuable data from their instrumentation” states Tim Clegg, Managing Director at Geosense.

Geosense is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of Geotechnical Instruments

and data acquisition systems. Their innovative products are utilised in over 80

countries to monitor subterranean water levels and pressure environments such

as tunnels and metros, deep foundations, infrastructure projects, mines,

geohazards and more.

“Exhibitions like Geotechnica are crucial in fostering a strong sense of

community within the geotechnical industry and we’re looking forward to sharing

our findings within our presentation. We’re also excited to showcase our

innovative instrumentation and monitoring technology that provide valuable data

on ground conditions, structural integrity and environmental changes” adds Tim.

In addition to their presentation, members of the Geosense team will be in

attendance of the two-day event to meet with other industry professionals and

showcase their latest innovations in environmental data acquisition systems and


Geotechnica strives to be a central hub for the UK’s leading geotechnical

suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and clients. Throughout the two-day

event, attendees will be able to watch live demonstrations, attend technical

presentations and browse any products that are on display.

By uniting the industry’s top innovators, Geotechnica supports the industry by

establishing opportunities for building business relationships, introducing new

innovations and creating a platform for sharing knowledge and advice.

Geosense invites attendees to attend Tim Clegg’s presentation on ‘Six steps to

improve your use of instrumentation and monitoring’ during this year’s

Geotechnica event to discover how they can unlock the full potential of their

geotechnical data.

More information about the event can be found at

More information about Geosense can be found at

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