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Gi Group Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Senior Operations Manager, Kristy Kenney

Gi Group, one of the UK’s leading HR and Recruitment specialists, is paving the way for its clients to create a progressive and inclusive future for the manufacturing industry.

With 25 years’ of experience within the manufacturing industry, Gi Group is well-positioned to support its clients to boost the number of female workers within the industry. Currently employment figures show that although women make up half of the overall labour market, they only account for 26% within the manufacturing industry – meaning Gi Group’s focus on attracting people from all walks of life and backgrounds to the profession is crucial.

Daniela Costea, Senior Account Manager at Gi Group, said: “Here at Gi Group, we work to encourage diversity and inclusion across our clients. With a number of large manufacturing organisations on our books we are in a prime position to positively influence the industry. The pandemic altered traditional workplace models, resulting in a more flexible and accessible approach to work - which we're supporting our customers and candidates alike to adapt to.

“Throughout our job advertising, we focus on gender neutral language to maintain a clear and open communication line. The masculine stereotype of the manufacturing industry is being left behind.”

Following the launch of Gi Group’s latest manufacturing whitepaper, which included commentary from 240 industry experts from across Brazil, China, Italy, Poland, Germany, and the UK, 83% of those interviewed believed their company will employ more women over the next five years, with 39% of them believing this was due to an industry-wide mindset shift.

Daniela continued: “The manufacturing industry has long been established as a male dominated industry, which is why we are supporting our clients to extend their experiences and support to more women. The manufacturing industry is a developing and growing landscape, with an increased focus on STEM related skills.

“One of our clients, Oldham-based Park Cakes, is a great example of showcasing female diversity within their workforce. Park Cakes is focused on offering greater workplace flexibility, and career progression to entice a more female led workforce.”

Additional research by Gi Group found, of those interviewed, 29% felt there would be an increase due to the different skills women can offer. These findings are supported by recent Government research that showed in the first quarter of 2022/2023 there was a 13% rise in women starting STEM apprenticeships than the previous year.

Kristy Kenney, Senior Operations Manager at Gi Group Pro, said: “Through the extensive research of our parent companies, we have found that corporations across the globe are predicting the introduction of more women into the manufacturing industry. Through the modernisation of this industry, we hope to see an increase in female leaders within major manufacturing businesses and more women entering the sector as a first-choice career path. The working landscape is constantly shifting, as skill sets and expectations alter - for companies to maintain a driven and successful workforce they must adapt.”

At Gi Group’s client Park Cakes, this year they have seen a 4% increase in the number of women applying for and securing roles within the manufacturing industry when compared year-on-year.

Daniela continued: “Where possible, we work with our clients to adapt relevant job ads to ensure gender-neutral language is used and the content is accessible and appealing. Working closely with our clients allows us to ensure they offer the very best through their job advertisements. For example, where possible we will support our clients to offer flexible working hours. Following a less rigid working environment opens the doors to a more varied group of individuals, including parents and Gen Z.”

Gi Group continue to support their clients to create a more inclusive and diverse future within the manufacturing industry. After identifying the global industry-wide shortage of female workers, Gi Group continue to offer specialist advice and guidance to all its clients.

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